Lab Life

Since the beginning of September I am finally collecting data for the eye tracker study, which is part of my research visit at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research and of my DAAD scholarship. Data collection means in my case that people take part in my study. They come to my lab, I observe their eye movements while they are watching Facebook News Posts and I ask them a bunch of questions before and after.

The process of data collection will last for whole September. Therefore, I am also in the lab for a whole month, having about 10 participants each day. It’s an unusual way to spend time. The work in the lab contains mainly of small tasks like introducing participants, filling in documents, checking values, making notes. Also it is stuffed with lots of short waiting times, e.g. when participants fill in surveys or between their arrivals. On one hand, it is not really possible to make use of this time and focus on tasks which need longer concentration periods such as scientific writing. On the other hand, it can be kind of exhausting to only wait. Some of my fellows told me that too much time in the lab can drive you insane…

So I obviously take some personal risks for science when being in the lab! With this post I’d like to report about my lab life, full of dangers and adventures. I present to you a little foto selection. Thanks for watching!

Rooms of the Lab

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This picture shows one of the rooms of my lab. The lab contains no test tubes, or animals, or make up, but a laptop and an additional monitor where the eye tracker is attached to. The lab has two simple rooms, one containing a desk with the monitor and the eye tracker, and the other one (shown on the pic) containing a desk with the laptop. The laptop is also connected to the eye tracker through a little whole in the wall to feed the cables through. So when I do eye tracking experiments, my participants can be alone in one room with the eye tracker while I can observe the processes on the laptop.


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